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Boat Excursion 

With so many changes happening in the world it’s becoming more and more difficult to travel to your favourite vacation destinations. Here at lucky lefty sport fishing charters we understand that and are happy to offer unique boating activities which include beach days, sight seeing and shoreline boat cruises.


For those looking to enjoy the beautiful scenery and weather that Lake Ontario has to offer during the summer months please check out our packages and rates below. Our boats are equipped with large coolers for all your favourite beverages and snacks as well as a large air conditioned cabin for those who would like to get out of the sun and cool down.  


Please come and experience “yacht life” aboard our beautiful vessels. bottled water is included in all boat excursions free of charge to keep you hydrated while being on the water.                                                                                         


Available June 1st- August 29th


The only guide to provide you the option of using right handed or left handed reels

Please let us know if you have a preference!


Fishing Charters

Welcoming all anglers to our world class salmon and trout fishery.  Lake Ontario produces some of the best salmon and trout fishing in the entire world.  At lucky lefty sport fishing charters we target Coho salmon , steelhead salmon , Atlantic salmon, lake trout, brown trout and the almighty chinook salmon.  


Our boats are outfitted with the latest and greatest fishing tackle which includes high quality reels , rods and the most productive lures and baits.  We also take pride in using the best quality fish finders and down rigging  systems available on the market.  Each vessel  is equipped with a clean and fully functional   washroom. 


Bottled water and canned soft drinks are included for guests at no additional charge.


At the end of your trip we will happily clean , fillet and package your catch for you to take home.  Tremendous effort is put into catching fish each and every trip! If we do not catch fish during your charter we will happily reschedule another date at no charge!

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